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Miss Saigon   |   2023   |   Sheffield Crucible  |  Associate to Rob Hastie & Anthony Lau


The Good Person of Szechwan   |   2023   |   Sheffield Crucible/ Lyric Hammersmith  |  Dir. Anthony Lau

This is Our Land   |   2022   |   NYT Epic Stages  |  Dir. Tash Hyman & Fay Lomas


Cruel, Inhuman & Degrading   |   2022   |   ALP Musicals  |  Dir. Adam Lenson​


The Pied Piper of Hamelin   |   2024   |   National Youth Theatre  |  Co-Director


Hear Myself Think  (Audio Drama)  |   2022   |   Rich Mix  |  Director


Finding Our (Creative) Voice   |   2022   |   New Diorama Theatre  |  Co-Director with Daniel York Loh

Into the Woods   |   2020   |   University of East Anglia  |  Director and Movement Director

Epic 2022 - credit Ollie Bryant.jpeg

© Ollie Bryant


© Manuel Harlan


© Manuel Harlan


Hamlet   |   2023   |   Ophelia  |  Southwark Playhouse  |  Dir. Ricky Dukes


I Know What You Awoke Last Spring (Chris Bush)   |   2022   |   Millie (Lead)  |   National Youth Theatre


Spring Awakening   |   2021   |   Ilse  |   University of East Anglia

The Dickens Girls   |   2019   |   Emma  |  British Youth Music Theatre  |  Dir. Charlotte Westenra

Dormitory   |   2017   |   Lexi   |  New Earth Theatre   |   Dir. Lab Ky Mo


© Charles Flint


© Gavin King

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© Charles Flint


I have led and assisted workshops for young people, schools, and drama schools with organisations such as the National Youth Theatre, British Youth Music Theatre, Rose Bruford College, Coney, Kakilang Arts, The PappyShow, and Faust International Youth Theatre. I was also selected as a Young Practitioner to attend University of Antwerp's conference 'Participatory Practice: Bridging Youth Work and the Arts'.


I completed a research dissertation titled ‘Youth Theatre, Inclusion, and the Ethics of a Facilitator-Participant Relationship’, exploring the effects of different power dynamics in youth theatre settings. 


I also completed a practice-as-research project exploring identity-conscious casting in musical theatre. It incorporated marginalised actors’ identities into the conceptualisation of productions to widen representation and encourage better inclusive practices. An Identity-Conscious Casting Guide was developed.

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